Moon Wobble, 1980 - 1990

Accurate to the Day

Date Sun & NN Sun, Long. NN, Long. Eclipse
02/19/1980Opposite29 Aqu29 LeoSolar Eclipse
05/15/1980Square24 Tau24 Leo-
08/13/1980Conjunct20 Leo20 LeoSolar Eclipse
11/08/1980Square15 Sco15 Leo-
01/30/1981Opposite10 Aqu10 LeoAnnular Lunar Eclipse
04/27/1981Square6 Tau6 Leo-
07/24/1981Conjunct1 Leo1 LeoTotal Solar Eclipse
10/21/1981Square27 Lib27 Can-
01/13/1982Opposite22 Cap22 CanTotal Lunar Eclipse
04/08/1982Square17 Ari17 Can-
07/06/1982Conjunct13 Can13 CanTotal Lunar Eclipse
10/02/1982Square8 Lib8 Can-
12/26/1982Opposite4 Cap4 CanTotal Lunar Eclipse
03/20/1983Square29 Pis29 Gem-
06/17/1983Conjunct25 Gem25 GemTotal Solar Eclipse
09/14/1983Square20 Vir20 Gem-
12/08/1983Opposite15 Sag15 GemAnnular Solar Eclipse
03/02/1984Square11 Pis11 Gem-
05/27/1984Conjunct6 Gem6 GemAnnular Solar Eclipse
08/25/1984Square2 Vir2 Gem-
11/19/1984Opposite27 Sco27 TauTotal Solar Eclipse
02/11/1985Square22 Aqu22 Tau-
05/09/1985Conjunct18 Tau18 TauTotal Lunar Eclipse
08/06/1985Square13 Leo13 Tau-
11/02/1985Opposite9 Sco9 TauTotal Solar Eclipse
01/25/1986Square4 Aqu4 Tau-
04/20/1986Conjunct29 Ari29 AriTotal Lunar Eclipse
07/18/1986Square25 Can25 Ari-
10/14/1986Opposite20 Lib20 AriTotal Lunar Eclipse
01/07/1987Square16 Cap16 Ari-
04/02/1987Conjunct11 Ari11 AriAppulse Lunar Eclipse
06/29/1987Square6 Can6 Ari-
09/26/1987Opposite2 Lib2 AriAnnular Solar Eclipse
12/20/1987Square27 Sag27 Pis-
03/14/1988Conjunct23 Pis23 PisTotal Solar Eclipse
06/09/1988Square18 Gem18 Pis-
09/06/1988Opposite14 Vir14 PisAnnular Solar Eclipse
12/01/1988Square9 Sag9 Pis-
02/23/1989Conjunct4 Pis4 PisTotal Lunar Eclipse
05/22/1989Square0 Gem0 Pis-
08/18/1989Opposite25 Leo25 AquTotal Lunar Eclipse
11/14/1989Square21 Sco21 Aqu-
02/06/1990Conjunct16 Aqu16 AquTotal Lunar Eclipse
05/03/1990Square12 Tau12 Aqu-
07/31/1990Opposite7 Leo7 AquPartial Lunar Eclipse
10/26/1990Square2 Sco2 Aqu-

This phenomenon was extensively studied by Carl Payne Tobey.
He found Moon Wobbles to be associated with disasters.
A Moon Wobble occurs every 86.5 days when the Sun is conjunct or square the Lunar Nodes.
Its effects are felt for 2 weeks before and 1 week after the Moon Wobble.
All eclipses are Moon Wobbles, but not all Moon Wobbles are eclipses.

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