Automatic Reversal Days, 1997

Generated Using Trading Days

Day # 1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter
0Tue, Jan. 7Wed, Apr. 9Thu, July 10Fri, Oct. 3
4Mon, Jan. 13Tue, Apr. 15Wed, July 16Thu, Oct. 9
8Fri, Jan. 17Mon, Apr. 21Tue, July 22Wed, Oct. 15
12Thu, Jan. 23Fri, Apr. 25Mon, July 28Tue, Oct. 21
16Wed, Jan. 29Thu, May 1Fri, Aug. 1Mon, Oct. 27
20Tue, Feb. 4Wed, May 7Thu, Aug. 7Fri, Oct. 31
24Mon, Feb. 10Tue, May 13Wed, Aug. 13Thu, Nov. 6
28Fri, Feb. 14Mon, May 19Tue, Aug. 19Wed, Nov. 12
32Fri, Feb. 21Fri, May 23Mon, Aug. 25Tue, Nov. 18
36Thu, Feb. 27Fri, May 30Fri, Aug. 29Mon, Nov. 24
40Wed, Mar. 5Thu, June 5Fri, Sep. 5Mon, Dec. 1
44Tue, Mar. 11Wed, June 11Thu, Sep. 11Fri, Dec. 5
48Mon, Mar. 17Tue, June 17Wed, Sep. 17Thu, Dec. 11
52Fri, Mar. 21Mon, June 23Tue, Sep. 23Wed, Dec. 17
56Thu, Mar. 27Fri, June 27Mon, Sep. 29Tue, Dec. 23
60Thu, Apr. 3Thu, July 3Fri, Oct. 3Tue, Dec. 30
64Wed, Apr. 9Thu, July 10 Tue, Jan. 6

Murrey stated that the Spring Quarter began on April 9th,
the 3rd Quarter began on July 10th,
and the 4th Quarter will begin on October 3, 1997.
Please notice that one of the Quarters in 1997 must be shortened to 60 trading days.
The 3rd Quarter was shortened.

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